Facility Type Community Center
Location Ashland
Estimated Start Date Spring 2019
Estimated Completion Date Spring 2025
Total Project Budget $5,000,000
Project Manager Brian Laczko
(510) 691-9098


16060 East 14th Street, Ashland, CA 94578


16060 E14th St_HARD-Community Ctr_Madrone Terrace

Staff Report_CIP creation_10-7-19


Project Description

In 2019, HARD agreed to collaborate with Resource for Community Development (RCD) Housing, Berkeley, CA, in the development of a new 5-story affordable housing facility, at East 14th Street and 162th Ave., with creation of a new community center.

Providing an amenity for the entire Ashland area, RCD will build a new 12,300 square foot community center, immediately fronting onto East 14th Street. The design plan for the community center has the following spaces: 4 multi-purpose rooms, a fitness/exercise/dance studio, a Pre-K Classroom for up to 24 students with attached outdoor play area, administrative offices, and a lobby/gathering area facing onto East 14th Street. The designs were confirmed in late 2021 and construction began in May 2023. Completion is projected for early 2025.

This is the one of three adjoining acquisitions for the Ashland area, along with adjoining property fronting onto East 14th St. and fronting onto nearby Mateo St. as well. Both of these will become a new neighborhood park.

Project Status


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