Facility Type Acquisition
Location Ashland
Estimated Start Date Fall 2020
Estimated Completion Date Fall 2021
Total Project Budget $5,360,000
Project Manager Brian Laczko


16020 E East 14th Street, Ashland, CA 94546


Staff report_11-16-20_Ashland-E14th_CIP Creation

Project Description

This project provides for the acquisition of 1.77-acres in Ashland for development of a new local park.

This is one of three adjoining acquisitions for the Ashland area. The acquisition anticipates extending the Mateo St Park to East 14th Street, creating a contiguous, through-block park for the Ashland neighborhood. This future park will also front the new Ashland community center, part of the Madrone Terrace housing project by RCD.

Community outreach process is pending.

Demolition of existing structures is planned for Winter 2021-22.


Project Status


Project Images