Facility Type Local Park
Location Hayward
Estimated Start Date Summer 2017
Estimated Completion Date Summer 2020
Total Project Budget $3,500,000
Project Manager Marvin Yee
(510) 881-6713

Project Description

Mia’s Dream All-Access Playground is a 1-acre all access playground for inclusive play opportunities for child developmental needs. It replaces an existing playground in Tennyson Park in Hayward and serves the local community as well as the greater Alameda County area.

The new playground will provide a variety of play features and experiences for children of all abilities in a fun atmosphere. It includes five elements of inclusion play for cognitive, physical, social, sensory and communication. Among the features are a Music Therapy Zone, Kindness Arches, Fire Engine, Water Tower Look-out,  swings and spinners, slides and rollers, fog sprays, and a space for animal and nature exhibits.  The park also provides accessible pathways, picnic areas, seating, a quiet reading area, art sculptures, donor bookshelves, and a new restroom building.

Construction began in March 2019  is anticipated to be complete in summer 2020.

For more information about Mia, the project, and donor opportunities, please visit:  Mia’s Dream Come True Playground



Project Status